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LF Networking and the Edge

LFN integrates with edge compute and is leading the telecom industry’s move into open source edge.

Featured LFN Edge Capabilities:

LF Networking and LF Edge collaborate on the end-to-end edge computing framework
LFN project integration with Akraino Edge Stack to support high-availability cloud services optimized for edge computing systems and applications
ONAP orchestrates edge cloud onboarding from distributed edge locations
Anuket defines Edge Cloud Reference Architecture and Implementation
OpenDaylight and Tungsten Fabric provide SDN for Akraino-based network edges VPP provides an Open Source Terabit Software Dataplane applicable to edge networking
5G Cloud Native Proof of Concept demonstrates distributed core and POP capabilities using K8s and 5G applications
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Edge Networking: An Introduction

Download this paper for an overview of the edge compute market opportunity, where open source fits in, the role of Linux Foundation projects in your edge strategy, and how to get involved. 

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How to Participate

Attend Project Calls
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Review and Submit Code Patches

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LFN Member Benefits

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