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LFN User Story: DT Deploys ONAP In O-RAN Town

DT Deploys ONAP

Deutsche Telekom is on their way of bringing ONAP from the labs into pilot production. In their O-RAN Town project, DT deployed in the city of Neubrandenburg a multi-vendor Open RAN trial network for 4G and 5G services with massive MIMO integrated into the live network — the first in Europe. To automate services on all network domains, DT introduced a vendor-independent Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) component based on ONAP open source. The SMO is to be at the heart of complete lifecycle management of all O-RAN components in this deployment. Learn from  Marc Fiedler, Sebastian Zechlin, and Andreas Geissler from Deutsche Telekom about how they overcame deployment challenges and the benefits using ONAP.

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DT Deploys ONAP In Production In O-RAN Town

Webinar (Nov 18, 2021) (Video) (Slides)

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