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Open Source Networking Days (OSN Days) is a series of regional, one-day events hosted and organized by local open source networking ecosystem members — including industry, service providers, academia, and start-ups — with support from LF Networking and its projects:, ONAP, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, PNDA, SNAS, and Tungsten Fabric. Attendees will hear from a roster of expert speakers on the state of the industry; the projects that make up the open source networking stack, the integration points between them, the use cases and business opportunities enabled by network transformation, how to get involved, and much more. There is no cost to attend.

Events will vary from region to region but all OSN Days feature a morning plenary session with a series of keynotes including an overview of the open source networking landscape from a speaker from the LF Networking Leadership team.

The primary goals of OSN Days are the following:

  • Create an opportunity for face-to-face LFN community engagement
  • Develop quality programming and content to educate, inspire, and share
  • Explore topical industry use cases as well as open networking project integration points
  • Explore he business opportunities made possible by open source networking projects
  • Advance the technical community work (via breakouts, workshops, tutorials, and demos)
  • Support local OSN User Groups where applicable

To get an idea of OSN Days events, see the webpage for the December 2020 event in Taiwan, and the 2019 OSN Days website with tours in Europe and APAC. Click into each city for detailed information. Download this overview presentation for more information on becoming hosting an OSN Days event in your region.

If you are looking to hold a less formal, smaller scale event, please see the OSN User Groups page.